How do I keep my Napston account secure?

Unfortunately, cryptocurrency business are often targeted by scammers. So it's absolutely important to stay on top of your account security.

Phishing emails. 

We never send out emails asking you to confirm your account credentials or to download any files. If you ever get any such email, please report to it to our customer service immediately. To stay on the safe side, if you have any doubts that a particular email came from us, please reach out to our customer support at providing a screenshot of that email.

Promotions and giveaways

We do not do promotions or giveaways. So please don't get tricked by fraudsters trying to lure you into sharing your account details or do send you ETH or BTC in return for larger giveaway rewards.


Our one and only correct website URL is complete with a green SSL certificate.

Please always make sure you log into your account at the correct URL.

Keeping your computer free from viruses and other tips

  • Make sure to scan your computer for viruses on a regular basis
  • Use unique passwords to every online account you have
  • Never share your account credentials or any other personal information with anyone

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