How can I buy a package?

Here's what you have to do:

  • Log into your Napston account (Login link in the top right, enter email and password)
  • Go to Buy tab and choose the type of package you would like to buy in the first drop-down,
  • then choose "Bitcoin" in the Payment Method drop-down,
  • enter the number of packages (set to 1 by default) and click Buy. You can buy any number of packages of the same type in one transaction.
  • on the next screen, click Confirm,
  • once you click Confirm, you will see another screen with the Bitcoin address you need to send the required bitcoin amount to. This address can be copied (if you are using a laptop or regular computer) or you can read it with a QR code reader on your smartphone.
  • send the bitcoins to that address from your Coinbase account (or from anywhere you keep your bitcoins).
    wait for the transfer to be completed, it may take a few hours.
  • once your transfer clears, the package purchase will be completed and credited to your Napston account.
    from the next business day on, your license will be earning interest. 

From the next business day on, you will earn interest from each license that you buy. 

We will send you daily emails with interest reports and you can also track the progress you make from your Napston account. 

Please note that you can buy any number of packages and combinations thereof at any time.

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